Our Story

“What a rude Doctor! So pompous!”

“Nurses should know their place. They dare not question me.”

“The Lab Scientists keep giving us wrong results; they are grossly incompetent.”

“These Doctors know nothing: how could he request for this test?”

“We have no need for Physiotherapists. The patients can do this.”

“Who sent this prescription? That doctor needs to repeat medical school.”

However dramatic they sound, the snitches of conversation above are representative of the animosity rampant in health facilities nationwide.

Health care professionals war with themselves, while health system crumbles.

This is at the root of the health sector’s backwardness.

As it is said in the Holy Book: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Hence the burden to set up this 21st century organization with a focus to promoting teamwork in the health care sector in Africa.

At HIN, we believe that teamwork and focused leadership form the bedrock for health reforms and the advancement of the health sector.

Though policies have been made, and structures put in place, there is a gap in implementation.

Furthermore, the health sector will relish political will, as poor health indices and inadequate infrastructure can set a system back several years.

If we are able to get past our pride, look beyond our differences and see ourselves as a team, charged with the responsibility, by virtue of our position, to make the health care system the best, and correct the deformities, then a lot of difference would be made.

It should not be about competition, the craze to outshine the next person or be in the limelight alone, no. The sky has enough room for everyone.

Our goal should be to take our profession serious, be responsible and discharge the duties for we have been equipped, and make our health care system work.

Let’s team up and make it work!


Africa’s voice for health


To promote teamwork and leadership in the health sector through networking thus providing a platform for Advocacy and Innovative Health care delivery In Africa


To be a leading voice in health in Africa and beyond

Our Values

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability