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We are a dedicated community of health influencers and a 21st century innovation driven organization with a burning passion to change the dynamics of health in Africa.

With membership drawn from the vast array of disciplines in the health sector, we believe that teamwork and focused leadership is the bedrock upon which all health advancement and reforms must be built on through Advocacy, Networking and Strategic Partnerships.

As positive disruptors, we see beyond barriers and have a vision to be the leading voice in health in Africa and beyond.

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Awareness Campaigns



On the __ of October, 2019, the Health Influencers Network Calabar team carried out a breast cancer awareness campaign at the Cross River National Park, Akampka, Cross River State.

It was a brightly lit day, the sun shining her countenance upon us. We 3 HIN volunteers, with 3 doctor friends gathered at the points to meet, and moved as one to our outreach location. 

Afternoon saw us arrive the Cross River National Park where the park conservator, Evang. Caroline Olory, set up a meeting with the heads of department and management staff. There we introduced HIN prior meeting with the general staff who were already gathered in a hall.

By mid-afternoon, we had access to all staff and the session began with a prayer and a brief introduction of HIN and our mission at the park by a leader of the sales/marketing team.

Dr. Louisa took over, with a brief discussion on breast cancer and what it was, following which Dr. Goodness gave a demonstration of breast self-examination.

We ended with an interactive question and answer segment, what with our very enthusiastic audience, ably answered by Dr. Joshua.

The sales team gave a vote of thanks, and the Park Conservator rounded up with words of appreciation, hinting at a partnership with us to spread the word to other communities.

The meeting ended with a word of prayer taken by the HR Manager for HIN.


After a bit of interaction and pleasantries, the team started on its way back to Calabar. It was a successful outreach, exceeding expectations.

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Powerful spoken word on breast cancer. It’s causes, risk factors and first line of action. Modes of treatment and what to expect at the hospital also stated in this powerful 2 minute video.

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Upcoming events


There will be awareness campaigns at various locations in Nigeria through out the month of October.

pink monday

Two Mondays in the month of October (14th and 28th) have been set asides for HIN insiders to wear something pink and talk to some one about breast cancer.

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